Wednesday, July 4

A Tribute to my Super Dad


My Parents have been my greatest source of inspiration.Even though I am miles away,now and then we always talk on subjects such as spirituality,simplicity,happiness,impermanence,contentment and detachment .I always feel connected and grateful to them.

There is this one famous quote by the great yogi:-
Milarepa said," The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation. "

Dear Apa,
We are very much moved by your genuine display of true compassion and your seeking of forgiveness  through this noble art of humbleness.I feel this is the right time and right action.I am sure little by little,it will only give you a greater peace of mind.With more into prayers ,slowly renouncing all the mundane farming tasks.

Back then through the stories you said to me,I can easily sense all your struggles you went through. Leaving behind your spiritual practice at Bumdra,marrying Aum Lhadey,raising all the eight kids,building and renovating a huge traditional 3 storied house. While fetching the wooden  shingles with laborers as far as from Choechoetse.Taking down the mithuns from Tsento and bulls from Haa. Crossing Sagala,Chelela on barefoot for paddy transplantation.Looking after the affairs of this large ancestral heritage filled with all elderly people above 80 years old.You even went all the way to Phari for blue pant and HMT watch business ,crossing the rivers,climbing the mountains,sleeping in the caves ,under the tree ,on the snow ,only to be caught by army patrol.

Nevertheless you have always worked hard to raise your family and I have never seen you complaining  even a bit.You have been a true super hero to all of us and I have always admired and looked upon you for your sheer courage and bravery.

I always pray and wish you a good health,happiness and greater inner peace .Wishing you a successful retreat.

Love you lots !!!

A big Thank you to Brother Karma Chogyal and all our siblings for making his humble dream come true !!!

Your loving son,