Thursday, January 6

Riding the Winter Roads

In the small capital city of Bhutan,the freeze of wintry chill ushers in through an apartment where my close Eastern friend live by.He had to switch on the Luminox Heater or else get near to a Bumthang made Bukhari to keep himself warm.This time he had a tough Khuru battle with his village mates.I wondered how many cups of chankey did he slurp.

I was riding the winter roads.Somewhere to the opposite of Tamchoe Lhakhang,on the Chuzom-Paro highway,it was more than an hour that larger number of vehicles were being stopped at a massive landslide that blocked the road yesterday on my journey towards Paro.I wondered, but why such a huge slide without any sign of rain.Believe me the soil were so loose,but who could have had imagined and the guts to help build a wall across the falling boulders on this particular site or cut it bit more wide? I had witnessed several slides on this particular ridge since the Paro-Thimphu highway widened.I felt sorry for the two pilots who were delayed their duties for Bangkok flight and the passengers who were travelling abroad.Finally,thanks to traffic police and the RSTA personnels who were assisting in avoiding a heavy JAM.

Along the wide highway nearing Khasadrapchu,a Toyota Prado plunged downwards the hill,across an apple orchard in the silent Thim chu river.Crowd at the site reporting the four wheels of the car had been stolen on the very night of an accident.There still must be the cruel someone who seeks joy in the mirth of someone's weep.

Well,on the eve of new year party,several cars were being dashed,some by sheer carelessness,some by alcohol,some by speed for EGO.There were more shows down the wintry roads.A Wagnor taxi touched the hip of blue CRV on the cross roads.The freeze and icy roads makes accident more prone.A private Santro swift through the path bursting the front glasses to pieces.Few policemen watch aside studying the cause.Earlier The national Newspaper paper reporting an alto taxi nearly get smacked towards an Eicher truck carrying iron beams down the Dochula snow paved ridge,however letting passengers unharmed.

There were many more nameless and countless incidences along the winter roads.A matter of patience,cool in you,slowing down the speed,attentive,be free from getting drunk or senseless,dropping down EGO,,abiding by traffic rules and regulations would not just save you and your car ,but the lives and soul that lay trust on you as you ride the wintry roads.Even in taxi or in someone's car,i would be bold enough but in the most courteous form to ask the driver to slow down for safety travel of me and other companion.

The number of cars had increased so rapidly especially in the city resulting into number of accidents one after another.

Several highway notice and warnings that alerts me frequently while driving are:

********* START EARLY,REACH EARLY ***********

********** SPEED THRILLS,BUT KILLS ************



By writing down all these,i don't meant to say that i m a perfect driver or a professional driving buddy ,but believe me,a cool and patience in you can matter a lot from going to workshop for denting painting,writng a statement and filing a case in the traffic unit while more than that, Life is more precious than anything else where ever you are.Some shady places are quite risky and slippery,all the time covered with frost and ice like the Dochula-Lamperi,Chelela,Tanalum area,Isuna Paro,towards eastern and central Bhutan like the passes of Thrumshing la,Pelela,Yutong la.

The results of careless driving can be at times so devastating,losing lives,while disabling our ability.

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