Friday, December 31

See You Next Year

Its been now so silent in the evening,i felt a rhythm of tranquility beating through the nerves of my body. Oh!,its Friday 31st December,2010.The time in my computer reads 4:05pm.I got down from a day's work,so that i would leave my self a time to post a final adieu to 2010 somewhere in a corner like this, like a diary keeper who wouldn't like missing an important event get skip by without being written down somewhere.My office mates leaving their desk greeting other fellows,"Happy New Year 2011".I quickly gave them back,Sir!,Madam!,See you next year.A shocking response from another table threw the words back.. ,"what, next year?,oh,yeah,yeah...he finally nodded and agreed."Wish you a prosperous 2011 sir!,",and he did vanished from the main entrance.
Its been quite windy,here in thimphu in the afternoon hours.I rushed and drive through the dried fallen leaves and twigs of willow that lie untrodden on the high way winter roads to my house, only to confirm that the sangpho bowl(incense burning bowl) is inside the house and later drive back to take my love for a new year lunch at Mid point restaurant,somwhere in the heart of magical Thimphu city.I had a friend who works in Mongar.He had a day full of sunshine,and we shared our heartfelt greetings for advance happy days ahead.
Well with year 2010 having been completed,its my 2 years in civil sevice serving my country and people through ICT services and asistance to my knowledge and rest from the experience and exposure taught to me from seniors.Some People often complain of having no work or playing games on desktop or simply facebooking from morning to evening,or finding scholarship programs,it may be right or to some extent rumours,but in all,i am sure,there are lot many works to be done.Infact when there are more responsibilities,we learn much more and get maximum of exposure.The sense of taking part and idea of having more responsibilities means a desire to learn more beyond the boundaries.The innovation and flaming desire of serving and excitement of my first day to the office is still within me and i ll keep the spirit no matter whatever lies on the way.
My parents,relatives,friends had been very supportive all the way.
It had been very the most wonderful times of my life and i must confirm to express here the amount of unfailing happiness and richness that i am endowed with for having a true friend like Sangay Thinley (nick Samdrup),he is blessed with so many names,while others have hardly two.
The warmth and love of another Sangay ('Miss Irish Coffee','one small window',my love and honey made me complete.Thanks to 2010 and years gone by,which otherwise i have never knew the value of 'living in the moments..' And there still many important people who had given me a true meaning of friendship and taught me essence of life.It gives me a complete sense of satisfaction to name all these people who made me and gave me the meaning of beautiful life.I wish you all,where ever you are ,"a very prosperous Happy new Year".I promise beyond words like the actors to their fans,to work and live upto the expectations of my country,friends,parents and my love.

To all the bloggers,incase if you come across these lines,you people had been the sole inspirer.Believe me,your writings had been very innovative and i breath to every pages of your post.These really made me discover an inner voice within me,to fall in love with writing.I promise,i am not a good writer,but my love for writing made me reflections and random thoughts within me.Good or bad,down the memory lane,at times it makes me happy to flip to the pages what i have written some day.An expression of what my thoughts did convey.What else i want more than this self discovery within me?

The years gone by had been really beautiful days and months.I am a two year old and the life had given me many wonderful adventures new meaning and purpose.

To all of You:
Happy new year 2011

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