Monday, July 25

I wish my King and the Queen , A Very Happy & romantic Wedding

The lovely petals of majestic flowers shower amidst the rainbow.I gaze in glee to my utmost joy as the circle dance of heavenly angels tranquil through the harmonic tune with the finest costumes,so profound,so graceful.

There, in a small kingdom of beautiful woods,as the snow capped peaks glittered through the kiss of enlightening yellow rays of dawn,As clear as his farsighted vision,the crystal stream did guide us with noble vision ,a concept of happiness which we cherish here is so deep and within us.

Its a unique and humble gift from the leadership of our monarchs.We have been with these fruits of blessings for eons and eons.We will promise to preserve the roots and nurture in times to come.

Today,We all stand as a one to wish the humble breath of tribute to a King who ruled more in the nature of Buddha than a Prince,and to a Queen in whose beauty and wisdom the display of a beautiful world and dharma co-exist,so that a Buddha Dharma world will always guide the world happily and peacefully.

With these prayers from the heart of citizens,i convey on their behalf,from the schools to the institutions,from the farmers to the civil servants,from the private organisation to the corporate employees,from a cowboy to the layman,

In times to come,for a long life,prosperous and happiest moments,may this auspicious wedding not only marks a chapter in our history,but an idol and display of true romantic relationship of couples around the globe.

I wish my King and the Queen

A Very Happy & romantic Wedding

Friday, May 27

I Knew you would come..

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My dear friend,yes your are right,Life is at times so unfair and doing injustice in a brink of time.The suffering and pain is yet inevitable and can come to me, you and perhaps any human being regardless of caste,wealth,knowledge and many more.That time you had really done a great job,and i don't feel that you should be going with a guilt of things that aren't meant intentionally.There are hard times in life,unforgivable,unbelievable and yet so harsh the judgeship.I am sure its a cyclic event that occurs in many of our lives.Its a matter of time that our souls are residing like a guest and shifts from one place to another in a host called body.I am here and somebody isn't,its again just a matter of time.
Time will heal everything.
Following is an essence of true love story depicting the fragrance of short love like dream and portrayal of a man's inner love beyond boundaries in the pains of time.I dedicate this to my friend who had been my Guru,friend and exemplary being.

I then realized there isn't a word far beyond what is truth and at instance hard even to hold within your own, a pain of someone's miserable stories of truth.I wondered helplessly and finally discovered that there is more in a cup of coffee shared and converse these truths of life with someone who touches your heart and soul with the aroma and flavor of stories far beyond whats been depicted in the most saddest and sentimental movies.
At the end,you can't help out the story teller ,just listen and deeply weep within,and you feel you have been playing a character and part in it.

A story written for my beloved friend just 30 years in age,and today in the memory of his late loving wife who turned 30 would go like this.Life is truth and more than that,truth is hard often.

In a vietnam restaurant,situated in a hush of trees and wooden bridge where still water would silently sweep gently,people had their most wonderful conversation of life.I had mine too .Its of something where truth and question,a heart breaking tale of losing someone very close to his heart.His dear wife,Leeong had been together for 4 years of life's fruitful perfect marriage .An unexpected fatal call alas left in him a complete emptiness.Sometimes happiness seem to be a short lived phenomenon,as the dew on the blade of grass in the dawn.

I can't help myself but to see the flood of emotional breakdown roll down incessantly.Words struck in his throats and he seem helplessly to soak the tears with another cup of whiskey.

Today we both were drunk,so drunk that the reality is out of portion for a while.
I have come to known him a few years back.I never knew today in these hard busy hour of modern occasion in such a metro city,a romance did ever exist in the life of a professional chap whose routines are nothing but tied up with schedules and project datelines nor did i ever flicked on idea that his story would appear like this on my blog.

To me he is known as Linux Guru and i was an Ubnutu to him as he did recall someday.An ubuntu is an African word, meaning-humanity for others.
He promised me to pay a next visit to my beautiful country which has been a soul healer to the troubled thoughts .

Its a mid summer and have been pouring down heavily in the outskirts of 3 hours drive away from Bangkok city.That night the sound of thunder rolled, vibrating the walls of an apartment where i took shelter.I wish i were at home.

Linux Guru hasn't slept either.The pain and hard era he is through at that moment of time was unbearable.His eyes would be intensely droop to red the next day.

He really needs a break,he wanted to leave this place now.It has been alien to him and there is no comfort at all while the beautiful memories haunt him .

Back in India,since a kid and now a very handsome looking chap that every ladies in his Indian native wish to have his hands for marriage.A tall,fair looking ,black hair from a well off family who had studied in bangkok for some years in Computer Engineering,only to get placed at a reputed firm and where a fate called love made up his mind as firm as stick struck in a clay mud.

The college days, that point, he dared to visit his mulberry at her hostel even in odd hours. so profound in love, he fears not for anything for her.She is a gorgeous,majestic Chinese woman.This love matching of a perfect blend of two Asians made the romance a very unique,rare story with ingredients,anyone could have imagined and dig out to have wish in a script.A sweetest couple in their tender days of college life,you would sure be desperate a want to see how the romance looked alike.

Loving her was so much and can't have a moment go free without his lovebird.Leeong is a beautiful girl who had a boy friend previously who failed to show her the essence of love.She is a blogger like you though writes in chinese.It was in Linux Guru a man of her dream, in whose love she finds an enlightening charm.

Linux Guru would go all the way to China to see her,and not to lose her from touch.She found a real love in him.Haeing once loved,her love is now more than what was paid to her.Leeong than works as a Teacher in some locality.Over the years in China,her health deteriorated in the brink of juncture.She perhaps had a hereditary illness.

After 2 years of graduation Linux Guru decided to bring her back to Bangkok where they have first met.He took all the pain to find her a perfect job .She was blessed to have a man who not prove his words,but could display his true love beyond anything.

This unbelievable romance continued for 4 years of marriage with moments of joy and Utopian bliss . Sooner they had a beautiful daughter named Princess Dia.Linux Guru couldn't imagine the happiness in him of being a father to a cute little daughter,more intelligently and a little girl who could grab and learn things so rapid.

The instant has been so quick and fragile,unfair and injustice to him.The dark days started crawling sideways the life of Linux Guru.In the flash of his merry stories there now seem to a bitter twist,hurting and unforgivable.His happiness had been mercilessly flooded away.She had to undergo the cancer surgery in the strike and ill fate of existence.The story of his love like dream has been made and destined with so cruel ending.He could already feel the jerk of his heart slowly covered up with the weight of pain and injustice so much that life had taken away from him and had finished him.He wished that not happen to any other humans.

One mournful hour,at a midnight,with one last moment left on earth,she held Linux Guru's hand as firmly as she could and whispered her final words,"Honey,I must leave now",Thanks for everything .Leeong closed her eyes and gave away the breath finally.
In a fraction of being,the most beautful man on earth was deserted.He could not do anything to save her from her ill fate.He jerked back and felt helpless who could not help rescue his lover but watch her as she drown deeper and deeper in the sea of karmic game

There wasn't a sleep on the brows of my beloved friend whose love had been for a short while in the magic escape of event.He gave up everything for the Hubby.Life paid him a huge loss.
He keeps thinking the beautiful memories and days of her presence on earth,the circumstances they shared and cherished together.His love had been so intense now,that losing her was a losing away of the world in him.
This thinking made him even more confusing that he still believes she is still alive and that had been just a night mare.

He keeps waiting her with the daughter slept to the right only to find the emptiness in him lingering recurrently

.Alas he sleeps a while.Like the usual incident,in the heavy down pour she would come from office and Linux Guru would go with the umbrella to get her back home.

She rushed along the street corridors.They met and Leeong gave him a kiss."Darling thanks for everything,I knew you would come".

Linux Guru ardently woke up from his dream to only find his hope in his loving daughter to one side sleeping like her late mom.At her age,she is very young to have missed her mother.He looked back and the clock ticked 3:00am.

Thursday, April 28

Dear Mum,beautifully You!

My Dear Mum,
The room filled into the hush of unbreakable silence.Into the blues of labor room,there she laid her feet half aside the entrance of hell,hanging her arms to the cliff edges of heaven door.This was her seventh time in the deciding game between life and death.It was a  perilous task crippled in the hands of time,yet at any instant and a clock strike, a hanging sword might break its tie and fall down apart her fragile life.
My Dad ran down the hills towards a monastery (Gompa) in the hope of provoking blessings from the local deities of precious time.It was the eldest of the sister who kept feeding Mom the warmth of  porridge(kabchi thuep) that ran down all her tummy to provide a little energy as she further pushed me a little down from her body.Alas in the hopes and goodwill wishes,gods did favor us.
A cry echoed from the walls of alien hospital."It's a son",my sister bursted into tears of joy.That moment,she sealed a kiss of glory on my tiny forehead.she then helped me open my little sight to the heaven of beautiful world.We derived from the same warmth and I exactly knew how my Mom felt the success of her seventh birth.
It was all about how the poignant atmosphere ardently transformed into a delightful moment.It was like sight of cherry blossoms after the winter months.This very times of history was all about hopes and fulfillment.
Well,My dear Mom,you know your son is not a good writer,nor you have any idea that he scribbles his thought in a corner of some world like this.If you by any means come across this little page,I must tell you,that you have been the most perfect design of gods in all the times to come.
Today,as I stand aside the world,in the rush away times of life and schedules,I carry the inability guilt to give you back the warmth and love I received from you.The yester years of torture and sacrifices you made for me,the pain and amount of labor you underwent at that hospital bed,the times of  your life in bringing me up will remain engraved in my heart and soul.I always pray and wish you a good health,happiness and greater inner peace .

My love for you will remain till the stars in the sky cease to shine.

Your loving Son,


Tuesday, March 29

My Job's first Payment,a joy beyond

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Few months,i had a call from my childhood friend who at that time been the brain box of our class,ranging from dzongkha to the last subject of school days,his name printed and echoed from the the podium of result day,every body jeered and cheered.Today,unexpectedly,he just rang me saying,"hey how you doing,dude?", i drank to the depth of still holding the title of result". i replied,bravo,you deserve it,you made it,make sure you don't get kicked with that addict habit and with certain conversation, shared the verse and poetry of reality.

School and college days were over.I was waiting desperately for the time to get rid of the studies at some point.The assignment,weekly tests,project,and lab works were so hectic like even you don't have time on weekends to hooked around with friends to rejoice and share a cup of wine with a glee.The school days had taught me valuable lessons of life,not about handling failure in studies,but about leading a team,hostel and Mess management,hosting a show,public speaking,coping with agriculture programs,washing piglets,organizing cultural show,scouting,how to win hearts.

Down the memory lane,times had been tough and hard.And when you of the view,you would never surrender to life,you become a conqueror of yourself.You become tougher,because when your are taught to be tough,you become bold and brave.Today,as i sit and lean back on my office arm chair and reflect,i get a clearer view of life that,it wasn't just the academic alone that gave me a happy starting life.It was the result of yesterday's sort of daring every bit of failing experience, in every downturn that wakes your head up. I don't find any cause in becoming someone special without having a heart and interest in what you love to do.I really love the beauty and way god has framed the life.

Well,the joy of getting the first payment was far more challenging than managing and scheduling the timetable for studies,games and other activities in school and college.The payment and demands,rocks that need to be crushed and checklist that goes numberless.It was then just a month old since i freshly joined the office.No,ATM card but just managed a simple bank account.The Accounts section then called me up to collect my first payment.You can imagine,for years and years,you have been supported through your parents shoulder,today when you first look around and be able to stand on your newbie feet,its not just the feeling of achievement,but to every hard work and battle,there is after all a sense of relieve and end to those toughest days of life.

I am sure that Ecstasy and joy of life's first payment would be a beautiful moment to remember in days to come.Its all about going to a temple,offering a portion to the almighty for the help and blessings for fortune,parents who had been there for all the difficult times of our life, people who were and will be the sole motivator,
and friends who would look there for a great satisfactory treat.

After all a jump for a joy and drinking with friends around,giving some small gifts to parents,little brothers and sisters,cousins,and some portion purchasing some fashionable outfits,spent on shoes,money order to a brother who is on further studies away from home,you end the day with empty pocket waiting anxiously for the month to end for another acclaim.And yes life is good at the end,because you live every moment of the precious time with lovable ones.

A friend of mine who works in some private firm just stated on his face book status today,"as i insert my ATM Card,the machine laughed".

Its not healthy to curse every darkness,rather light some candles.Life is a beautiful cycle,ups and downs,yet you create a history by living every moment with people around spreading sparks and joy ,because we ought to live more by living and breathing with others around.

Thursday, March 24

The wind who blew off my roof

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Tshemdona is a small happy village located aside the bank of river pachu ,5 kilometre towards south of Kichu Lhakhang,opposite of Nemjo valley.Though scarcity with water few years back,still people in this locality are known for the sheer brilliance in farming mechanism and hardwork for decades.Almost majority of people here live self sufficient.Most of the traditional houses are well decorated with intricate elaborate paintings,roofed with modern CJI Sheets,often found with red chillies spread over from the peak seasons.I was brought up here from the handle of plough that tilled the soil to the happy blossoms of golden paddy in mid autumn.I observed every sweat and teamwork of villagers from the sow of a seed to the reap of harvest.Its worth to watch the glee on the face of these people including my father and mother who welcomed my birth to the beautiful soil and opened my eyes and heart to the warmth of farm house.

The life and time goes inseparable,yet at times expect something unexpected.Like in movies that mesmerize and hypnotize our eyes from a calm and tranquil joy to a disaster scene that starts provoking doubts and chaos to the dark surround in the inner self.That's why its call life.Its gonna never lead to perfection,unless the inner voice and self recognizes there exist a state in the change of mind and presence.
All a matter of inconsistent thoughts that hover around and around creates a joy and changes to agony in a moment of second.

The next day after the Paro Tshechu,on terrible Sunday,at around 12:00 in the afternoon,heavy wind blew off more than 60-70 houses' roof to the ground in a matter of few seconds.I just calmed and thought,now it was the western regions' turn.Earlier it was at the east.More than 45 CJI Sheets of my beautiful home was thrown off the fields.The planks,wooden beams,swift towards the earth.A Huge twister like dust rushed from the farm road towards the field wiping out every presence on its way.Our neighbors had a similar disaster,huge beams banged towards the ground and produced a huge resonance.Trees stood to their might as firm as iron rods,while weaker ones surrendered to the strength of Nature's furious blow.Travelers on the roadside were being stopped,a car and a cab nearly smashed to the skeletons.All we could do is sit calmly and watch the show go on till the end.The fear,might,power,greed,hatred,and lust all comes to an end at one point of time.We leave there defenseless and shelter less to the might of Mother Nature.
This was how i watched a clip of the wind who blew off my roof captured by my in law's phone when he returned to Thimphu the very day after things got settled down and soon the furious show was put off.

You may wonder where i was?.I was alone here in Thimphu,when the rapid fire broke out near the Lhakhang where i reside.It started from the construction site where the pieces of tiny woods were combusted and soon taken away in the hands of Huge mighty wind.The results were so devastating and its hard to watch the alarm and show run aside.Firebells were heard across the city.Within no time,blue pines were razed down to the ground.The fire jumps through its power and its as furious as the wind itself.

Fire fighters,Army personnels and Desungs rushed to the scene for the battle.The live scene is so pathetic when yourself becomes so helpless.All you could do is watch aside.Such is the impact of the similar wind who blew off my roof.

That day,I called him the uninvited guest on my territory,so furious and powerful.Life is just as fragile as these objects of time.When all faith,trust,love goes off,you lie there just naked like you were first born.You are defenseless,because everything you get accept is with reason,why?,how?,when?.When things turn out to be sour,it even gets bitter when we fail to respond to the change we ought to be in.You raise yourself,because you think, that's your freedom and right.Believe me,the existence of our life is also for the existence of other.We live dependently on each other.When it harms you,its gonna harm me too like the wind who not only blew off my roof,but razed others to the ground.

Wednesday, January 19

Snowman who visited Bhutan This year

Thimphu received its first snow fall of the year.It started from the morning of 19th January 2011,however it isn't a heavy fall.I took a ride towards sangaygang and few days later towards Dochula and took as many glimpses as possible.The snow coverage seems to be getting thinner year by year.Many of the highway passes such as Dochula,Thrimshingla were blocked and no traffic for few days.Here are the moments of perfect walk with the nature.

Thimphu and Dochula after the 2011 snowfall.

Friday, January 7

9 days at Hotspring

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I heard a recitation sound of BazaGuru echoing from the curve of Hot spring well.It was Agay Dopchu from Ozorong,he is drunk again.He started with his epic of Guru tales while battling the debate through humors,dirty jokes,teasing the Ngalong women that consistently keep the teasing and lust temptation arouse within him.

December,January,February and almost in the midst of March are the most favourable time for the people who loves Tsachu(soaking in hot spring).For my Apa,it has been a regular routine going all the way to Gelephu Tsachu atleast once a year.Where as my Ama prefers Chubu Tsachu(Punakha).The Tsachu/soaking in a hotspring has been like a customary way of life dating back to the times as far my Apa remembers recalling the face of his great grand father.It was ultimately me who then get a chance to vist all the Tsachus assisting Apa and Ama as a professional homely Bhutanese cook.I can cook to the tune of their appetites,while being active and flexible in all the matters ranging from shopping to waking up in the middle of night preparing tea and porridge for them.This had made Apa and Ama felt more convenient taking me with them from all the seven siblings.

Winter is the most suitable season for the hot spring goers.While Tsachus/hot spring suppose to contain highly medicinal value,here in Bhutan of myths and beliefs,we strongly in the view of considering these places as the most sacred place visited and blessed by saints with magical powers.Therefore every one must go/must have experience the beauty and charm of natural hot spring bath.

Chubu Tsachu is located in the Majestic Punakaha valley along the banks of river Phochu,a distance of 5 hour initially walk from Samdingkha.Now the new road leads as far as nabdingkha Valley,leaving just a 2-3 hours walk to the hot spring.Its a lovely short kind of trekking,breathing a fresh natural air,while sighting the valleys through the terrains,following the horses that would help you take your rations to the hot spring.If you are long distance walk phobia,its better then to head towards the south for a warm Gelephu Tsachu.A car or cab would take just approximately 15 kilometres from the main town.You don't have to walk like the Chubu Tsachu.

9 lovely days at Tsachu is worth and spent in the most memorable times of my life.I wish to visit atleast once a year again.A 12 year old boy in a red jacket just skipped by in front of my eyes with a cane of Tongma as i passed by him towards the first glimpse of Tsachu pools.A year before me,Apa,Ama,and my younger brother just returned from Chubu Hot spring.This year favoring my Apa,we decided to go for Gelephu Tsachu,which Ama reluctantly agreed.

I was then in class 11.We started our journey from Paro,packing all the necessary ration such as dry chillies,red rice,mini gasstove,blankets,tent,patang,dried vegetables,biscuits,lantern,butter,salt,snacks,milk,torch,match stick,cheese,a tray of egg,some noodles,red label tea,chankey,candles,slippers,half pants,a radio,tea leaves for Suja,pots,hotcase,sikam paa,dried beef.My sisters had,a day before had a grand shopping from Tashi super market,the modern necessities and items,that are required along with regular rations.

At Tsachu i was then involved with regular schedule of cooking.I managed the ration till the last day at Tsachu.It was extremely lovely.I was the man who soaked 8 hours in the well almost panting for breath.My body absorbed the depth of minerals enough to knock off like Mr Bean's chicken cooking.I peeped to the beautiful charming girls who dressed in black paints(slacks),long hair,glossy lips,fair skin,perfume smell that made the madness in me erupt.They come slowly to the well and cant take off my eyes from the sight of their fingers with a black nail polish and purple eyes.That was a kind of madness in me,watching a beauty,never letting it skip by.I was really sorry,cant wait there to watch the entire show of a beauty.My ama distracts me.She comes back to the pool and i had to to sacrifice and leave.I am a shy guy who is so much scare of falling in love and talking of getting crush,forget about it,cant even have guts to propose an opportunity.Lets forget it,all a past stories and memories.

For me the art of happiness within still lingers a shadow.Its through the times at Tsachu,some come for happy trekking in a group,some family,some lovers,some couples,some official,some monks,laymen and cooking that ranges from a a thukpa to fried rice and aroma of the red rice and dried chillies buzzing amongst sikam paa within the aluminium pots keeps me afresh of living memory that yes,i had my wonderful days at Tsachu.Its through laugh and interaction,jokes,songs,the dependability on others that arouse the inner happiness within to go beyond the concept of finding GNH within ourselves.

Thursday, January 6

Riding the Winter Roads

In the small capital city of Bhutan,the freeze of wintry chill ushers in through an apartment where my close Eastern friend live by.He had to switch on the Luminox Heater or else get near to a Bumthang made Bukhari to keep himself warm.This time he had a tough Khuru battle with his village mates.I wondered how many cups of chankey did he slurp.

I was riding the winter roads.Somewhere to the opposite of Tamchoe Lhakhang,on the Chuzom-Paro highway,it was more than an hour that larger number of vehicles were being stopped at a massive landslide that blocked the road yesterday on my journey towards Paro.I wondered, but why such a huge slide without any sign of rain.Believe me the soil were so loose,but who could have had imagined and the guts to help build a wall across the falling boulders on this particular site or cut it bit more wide? I had witnessed several slides on this particular ridge since the Paro-Thimphu highway widened.I felt sorry for the two pilots who were delayed their duties for Bangkok flight and the passengers who were travelling abroad.Finally,thanks to traffic police and the RSTA personnels who were assisting in avoiding a heavy JAM.

Along the wide highway nearing Khasadrapchu,a Toyota Prado plunged downwards the hill,across an apple orchard in the silent Thim chu river.Crowd at the site reporting the four wheels of the car had been stolen on the very night of an accident.There still must be the cruel someone who seeks joy in the mirth of someone's weep.

Well,on the eve of new year party,several cars were being dashed,some by sheer carelessness,some by alcohol,some by speed for EGO.There were more shows down the wintry roads.A Wagnor taxi touched the hip of blue CRV on the cross roads.The freeze and icy roads makes accident more prone.A private Santro swift through the path bursting the front glasses to pieces.Few policemen watch aside studying the cause.Earlier The national Newspaper paper reporting an alto taxi nearly get smacked towards an Eicher truck carrying iron beams down the Dochula snow paved ridge,however letting passengers unharmed.

There were many more nameless and countless incidences along the winter roads.A matter of patience,cool in you,slowing down the speed,attentive,be free from getting drunk or senseless,dropping down EGO,,abiding by traffic rules and regulations would not just save you and your car ,but the lives and soul that lay trust on you as you ride the wintry roads.Even in taxi or in someone's car,i would be bold enough but in the most courteous form to ask the driver to slow down for safety travel of me and other companion.

The number of cars had increased so rapidly especially in the city resulting into number of accidents one after another.

Several highway notice and warnings that alerts me frequently while driving are:

********* START EARLY,REACH EARLY ***********

********** SPEED THRILLS,BUT KILLS ************



By writing down all these,i don't meant to say that i m a perfect driver or a professional driving buddy ,but believe me,a cool and patience in you can matter a lot from going to workshop for denting painting,writng a statement and filing a case in the traffic unit while more than that, Life is more precious than anything else where ever you are.Some shady places are quite risky and slippery,all the time covered with frost and ice like the Dochula-Lamperi,Chelela,Tanalum area,Isuna Paro,towards eastern and central Bhutan like the passes of Thrumshing la,Pelela,Yutong la.

The results of careless driving can be at times so devastating,losing lives,while disabling our ability.