Thursday, April 28

Dear Mum,beautifully You!

My Dear Mum,
The room filled into the hush of unbreakable silence.Into the blues of labor room,there she laid her feet half aside the entrance of hell,hanging her arms to the cliff edges of heaven door.This was her seventh time in the deciding game between life and death.It was a  perilous task crippled in the hands of time,yet at any instant and a clock strike, a hanging sword might break its tie and fall down apart her fragile life.
My Dad ran down the hills towards a monastery (Gompa) in the hope of provoking blessings from the local deities of precious time.It was the eldest of the sister who kept feeding Mom the warmth of  porridge(kabchi thuep) that ran down all her tummy to provide a little energy as she further pushed me a little down from her body.Alas in the hopes and goodwill wishes,gods did favor us.
A cry echoed from the walls of alien hospital."It's a son",my sister bursted into tears of joy.That moment,she sealed a kiss of glory on my tiny forehead.she then helped me open my little sight to the heaven of beautiful world.We derived from the same warmth and I exactly knew how my Mom felt the success of her seventh birth.
It was all about how the poignant atmosphere ardently transformed into a delightful moment.It was like sight of cherry blossoms after the winter months.This very times of history was all about hopes and fulfillment.
Well,My dear Mom,you know your son is not a good writer,nor you have any idea that he scribbles his thought in a corner of some world like this.If you by any means come across this little page,I must tell you,that you have been the most perfect design of gods in all the times to come.
Today,as I stand aside the world,in the rush away times of life and schedules,I carry the inability guilt to give you back the warmth and love I received from you.The yester years of torture and sacrifices you made for me,the pain and amount of labor you underwent at that hospital bed,the times of  your life in bringing me up will remain engraved in my heart and soul.I always pray and wish you a good health,happiness and greater inner peace .

My love for you will remain till the stars in the sky cease to shine.

Your loving Son,