Tuesday, September 22

Her Fury on Monday's Miss Call...

It was perhaps an unexpected moment.But sometimes its right that what can't be cured must be endured.I studied science,Geography and i also have trust in it.But m serious when coming to beliefs too,perhaps because may be i was brought up in my little mythical world,of gods and goddess,of trust and faith,of truth and karmic justice.At the end i always love my bhutanese perspective of viewing things.I linger in my mind all the time,exploring inside like a NASA space research.At the end its the inner peace ,the discovery i make.
As usual i was working in the office,when suddenly i felt my arm chair trembling.just wondering ,out of shock,"am i suffering some kind of driziness"?.i Just peeped outside through my small glass pane.A driver was wiping off dust from his troika without any feelings.I realized,it was perhaps just my psycho notion that doze me off.It lasted about 2-3 minutes.Then i realized,it was Earth shaking off her hips."Why of sudden she got pissed off?",i asked my self.We Bhutanese are so devoted and we love all the companions around us,we respect care and love her,may be somewhere something might have gone wrong.Is this a kind of mass punishment?,or can i call it perhaps a miss call of pseudo world that we bhutanese are slowly heading towards,the degrading values,moral ethics,an artificial smile on faces without an inner happiness.We might have in a little way wronged her.We dont deserve this,i cried.But gently this time we got to accept,we might have crossed our limits perhaps.This self realization had alarmed me several times and i thought to just put up in some corner to wake my fellow friends from the path of pseudo world that just lie untrodden.In the Evening was the news from different parts,killings,injuries,all of destruction and damages.I just stood silent and my inner mind wondered with many clouded thoughts,only i can do to the victims and injured was to cry within,the hardest thing,no tears but a feeling of sympathy and a shattered dreams of my bhutanese mates who have been this tragic victim.

At the end the best help i could do is to lit a butter lamp and say a humble prayer
for all those who have been affected.

May we show no envy and not fury her again by repeating the same mistake what other humans around the globe had done for the sake of materialism.
we create our own atmosphere and surrounding and lets not blame anyone for it.If anything goes wrong,its the impact of our own creatiion and cause.Lets be aware of this MOnday Miss CALL for it might happen someday again if we dont react .

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