Thursday, November 4

I was in Class PP A that time..

My dear Fountain Pen and Chelpark Ink,
I was proudly in class II since you were introduced to me.My handwriting was quite horrible,so big,hen-prints that lay aside on muddy clay garden perhaps.It was a rhyme that taught me from PP-down..up..down..up till the words turn into some colorful art.My class teacher Miss Yangchen had a tough time turning my stiff hands work into form. My lips would turn dark of soaking pencil into mouth to get the dark letters. My exercise book almost get bath into cooking oil that leaks out from my pack lunch.Still i manage to maintain a Geometry box rich with pencils,all marked with compass points,won from the compass match that requires a little narrow tunnel shaped and throwing at the pencils-a bet from the players.

It was later i choose to go for marbles than compass game.My luck was not good,you know.We had a group of friends who take pipe cycle to the school.A pipe cycle is a circular pipe with metal handle that chase the pipe wheel to turn while keeping balance without falling down.It was not about Apa reaching you in Mercedes,but a distance of more than 15 kilometre walking in a liberty shoe with village mates.A bully is sure on the way.You got to have techniques of giving them a chocolate or bribe,so that you don't get screw up.School going was really fun for me.Despite hurdles and tiredness,we live through apple orchards,peach ,plums like monkeys.The long distance walk would be enough to exhaust up all your breakfast energy by the time you reach to school.It was in the very first period,that you started falling a good nap,unless a bee sting from the back of ear wakes you up and you would then realized,all class mates chuckling at you and teacher taking all the energy to pull your ear up.Haha.I was at least lucky not to have experience the taste of prick nettle leaves on my butt like my friends.

Life in school is really interesting,even in the high school days,i lost up all my english exam paper time just writing 5-6 pages 20 mark essay on school life,because life is really beautiful and i felt it,that's why those memories never gets wipe out.

Well,dear fountain pen , I mean to be more specific,the Chinese Hero Pen and the chelpark ink,i still miss these two equipment.You know here in office, we don't have to use the pen frequently, that's why i lost all the beauty and the skills,art and connection with you.Still then this is a letter to You.

The class II A were in their most exciting moments,as they can now start using the pen.Some big handwriting,that goes off the exercise book track,some torn out their pages of ink flow on their book,some blue mouths,on ear,face,desk whatever,that's a scenario from a typical Class II A students pride in having a privilege of using fountain pen.The beauty of using a fountain pen,early morning i rise up rushing to brush up my shoes to get some cherry polish,only to washed with mud on the way,and filling up chelpark ink in the hero pen.After the breakfast,then its a time to go to school.Calling the friends and we rush in a queue with pipe cycle.

Beautiful moments of life still makes me and sometimes,i feel like going back again to the time where i come from.It is then helpless,I can just feel the life,i can silently write somewhere how beautiful those days are.