Monday, July 25

I wish my King and the Queen , A Very Happy & romantic Wedding

The lovely petals of majestic flowers shower amidst the rainbow.I gaze in glee to my utmost joy as the circle dance of heavenly angels tranquil through the harmonic tune with the finest costumes,so profound,so graceful.

There, in a small kingdom of beautiful woods,as the snow capped peaks glittered through the kiss of enlightening yellow rays of dawn,As clear as his farsighted vision,the crystal stream did guide us with noble vision ,a concept of happiness which we cherish here is so deep and within us.

Its a unique and humble gift from the leadership of our monarchs.We have been with these fruits of blessings for eons and eons.We will promise to preserve the roots and nurture in times to come.

Today,We all stand as a one to wish the humble breath of tribute to a King who ruled more in the nature of Buddha than a Prince,and to a Queen in whose beauty and wisdom the display of a beautiful world and dharma co-exist,so that a Buddha Dharma world will always guide the world happily and peacefully.

With these prayers from the heart of citizens,i convey on their behalf,from the schools to the institutions,from the farmers to the civil servants,from the private organisation to the corporate employees,from a cowboy to the layman,

In times to come,for a long life,prosperous and happiest moments,may this auspicious wedding not only marks a chapter in our history,but an idol and display of true romantic relationship of couples around the globe.

I wish my King and the Queen

A Very Happy & romantic Wedding

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