Friday, June 25

Summer Rain-The Remedy of my Aching Soul

Summer is one of the most beautiful season with moments of blooming perfume that lasted through call of spring reaching to every gardens and lawn.As clouds skip and walk majestically,i can't control the temptation of falling my self taken away by perfect icon of bliss.The scorching flame of day's extreme heat,worns and torns are being healed and relieved as summer rain droplets beat upon the wooden farm house shingles,through the cities of green and red metal sheets.Birds perched on the trees, dipped heads and furs up.The greenery part of scenery raises fresh and breathes out fresh tons of mother nature made-oxygen to the creatures who raise the child planet grow aside.
The blades of long flat youthful leaves and grass spread joy amidst the pathside that gave way to travellers through ages.Petals bloom and gaze as misty clouds passby with dazzling sight.An innocent pinky rose mesmerizes the fellows just by a first sight.She lay there charming and hypnotised, enough to converse to your heart's glee.
Summer Rain is the voice of mother nature's outward expression of happiness that washes and flushes away worries of dust,the negativity and impurities inside our mind.The rain at times can behave in two kinds of appearance,yet without her we are dumbed and numbed.
She is a mother, feeding to help generate revenue for the country.She is a music that provides rhythm to the farmers to help them sing life's song.She is an inspirer of life's survival.She wakes up every creature from the brink of their death bed.She leads the cycle of life and maintain its continuity.
To a photographer,she creates magic and wonder of the planet.The rain symbolises every aspect of life's element.
The beauty of landscape after a summer rainfall shouldnot be missed out in everyone's moment of happiness,because the power and charm in itself heals the weakening stationary minds of time.To me it has been a line of poetry,an escapism,reliever,healer,soothing balm and glass of wine taken with joy,pride and lasting moments of thought.