Thursday, March 24

The wind who blew off my roof

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Tshemdona is a small happy village located aside the bank of river pachu ,5 kilometre towards south of Kichu Lhakhang,opposite of Nemjo valley.Though scarcity with water few years back,still people in this locality are known for the sheer brilliance in farming mechanism and hardwork for decades.Almost majority of people here live self sufficient.Most of the traditional houses are well decorated with intricate elaborate paintings,roofed with modern CJI Sheets,often found with red chillies spread over from the peak seasons.I was brought up here from the handle of plough that tilled the soil to the happy blossoms of golden paddy in mid autumn.I observed every sweat and teamwork of villagers from the sow of a seed to the reap of harvest.Its worth to watch the glee on the face of these people including my father and mother who welcomed my birth to the beautiful soil and opened my eyes and heart to the warmth of farm house.

The life and time goes inseparable,yet at times expect something unexpected.Like in movies that mesmerize and hypnotize our eyes from a calm and tranquil joy to a disaster scene that starts provoking doubts and chaos to the dark surround in the inner self.That's why its call life.Its gonna never lead to perfection,unless the inner voice and self recognizes there exist a state in the change of mind and presence.
All a matter of inconsistent thoughts that hover around and around creates a joy and changes to agony in a moment of second.

The next day after the Paro Tshechu,on terrible Sunday,at around 12:00 in the afternoon,heavy wind blew off more than 60-70 houses' roof to the ground in a matter of few seconds.I just calmed and thought,now it was the western regions' turn.Earlier it was at the east.More than 45 CJI Sheets of my beautiful home was thrown off the fields.The planks,wooden beams,swift towards the earth.A Huge twister like dust rushed from the farm road towards the field wiping out every presence on its way.Our neighbors had a similar disaster,huge beams banged towards the ground and produced a huge resonance.Trees stood to their might as firm as iron rods,while weaker ones surrendered to the strength of Nature's furious blow.Travelers on the roadside were being stopped,a car and a cab nearly smashed to the skeletons.All we could do is sit calmly and watch the show go on till the end.The fear,might,power,greed,hatred,and lust all comes to an end at one point of time.We leave there defenseless and shelter less to the might of Mother Nature.
This was how i watched a clip of the wind who blew off my roof captured by my in law's phone when he returned to Thimphu the very day after things got settled down and soon the furious show was put off.

You may wonder where i was?.I was alone here in Thimphu,when the rapid fire broke out near the Lhakhang where i reside.It started from the construction site where the pieces of tiny woods were combusted and soon taken away in the hands of Huge mighty wind.The results were so devastating and its hard to watch the alarm and show run aside.Firebells were heard across the city.Within no time,blue pines were razed down to the ground.The fire jumps through its power and its as furious as the wind itself.

Fire fighters,Army personnels and Desungs rushed to the scene for the battle.The live scene is so pathetic when yourself becomes so helpless.All you could do is watch aside.Such is the impact of the similar wind who blew off my roof.

That day,I called him the uninvited guest on my territory,so furious and powerful.Life is just as fragile as these objects of time.When all faith,trust,love goes off,you lie there just naked like you were first born.You are defenseless,because everything you get accept is with reason,why?,how?,when?.When things turn out to be sour,it even gets bitter when we fail to respond to the change we ought to be in.You raise yourself,because you think, that's your freedom and right.Believe me,the existence of our life is also for the existence of other.We live dependently on each other.When it harms you,its gonna harm me too like the wind who not only blew off my roof,but razed others to the ground.

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