Tuesday, March 29

My Job's first Payment,a joy beyond

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Few months,i had a call from my childhood friend who at that time been the brain box of our class,ranging from dzongkha to the last subject of school days,his name printed and echoed from the the podium of result day,every body jeered and cheered.Today,unexpectedly,he just rang me saying,"hey how you doing,dude?", i drank to the depth of still holding the title of result". i replied,bravo,you deserve it,you made it,make sure you don't get kicked with that addict habit and with certain conversation, shared the verse and poetry of reality.

School and college days were over.I was waiting desperately for the time to get rid of the studies at some point.The assignment,weekly tests,project,and lab works were so hectic like even you don't have time on weekends to hooked around with friends to rejoice and share a cup of wine with a glee.The school days had taught me valuable lessons of life,not about handling failure in studies,but about leading a team,hostel and Mess management,hosting a show,public speaking,coping with agriculture programs,washing piglets,organizing cultural show,scouting,how to win hearts.

Down the memory lane,times had been tough and hard.And when you of the view,you would never surrender to life,you become a conqueror of yourself.You become tougher,because when your are taught to be tough,you become bold and brave.Today,as i sit and lean back on my office arm chair and reflect,i get a clearer view of life that,it wasn't just the academic alone that gave me a happy starting life.It was the result of yesterday's sort of daring every bit of failing experience, in every downturn that wakes your head up. I don't find any cause in becoming someone special without having a heart and interest in what you love to do.I really love the beauty and way god has framed the life.

Well,the joy of getting the first payment was far more challenging than managing and scheduling the timetable for studies,games and other activities in school and college.The payment and demands,rocks that need to be crushed and checklist that goes numberless.It was then just a month old since i freshly joined the office.No,ATM card but just managed a simple bank account.The Accounts section then called me up to collect my first payment.You can imagine,for years and years,you have been supported through your parents shoulder,today when you first look around and be able to stand on your newbie feet,its not just the feeling of achievement,but to every hard work and battle,there is after all a sense of relieve and end to those toughest days of life.

I am sure that Ecstasy and joy of life's first payment would be a beautiful moment to remember in days to come.Its all about going to a temple,offering a portion to the almighty for the help and blessings for fortune,parents who had been there for all the difficult times of our life, people who were and will be the sole motivator,
and friends who would look there for a great satisfactory treat.

After all a jump for a joy and drinking with friends around,giving some small gifts to parents,little brothers and sisters,cousins,and some portion purchasing some fashionable outfits,spent on shoes,money order to a brother who is on further studies away from home,you end the day with empty pocket waiting anxiously for the month to end for another acclaim.And yes life is good at the end,because you live every moment of the precious time with lovable ones.

A friend of mine who works in some private firm just stated on his face book status today,"as i insert my ATM Card,the machine laughed".

Its not healthy to curse every darkness,rather light some candles.Life is a beautiful cycle,ups and downs,yet you create a history by living every moment with people around spreading sparks and joy ,because we ought to live more by living and breathing with others around.

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