Tuesday, October 20

When Winter Comes

Sitting near the fireplace,
As AMA prepares Bathu on Bukhari,
I gaze with glee,
Down came the snow flakes,
Falling on our apple trees,

Soft and thick,
Floating on the meadows,
They gently fall one after another ,

The song of cattle bell,
Reminds me of APA ,
feeding the winter straw

Saturday, October 17

I heard the Kookaburra

One beautiful summer morning,
I heard the laughing kookaburra,
like the sparrow in my village,
They dance to the rhythm,
Singing to the chorus of dawn.

Here comes the Spring

Weekend is here ,
My relaxed soul and body,
Draws energy and peace of mind,
From this outlet ,
As I raise the window curtain,
This spring bloom greeted me ,
With dose of beauty and fragrance