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Colors of my Village

Friday, May 27

I Knew you would come..

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My dear friend,yes your are right,Life is at times so unfair and doing injustice in a brink of time.The suffering and pain is yet inevitable and can come to me, you and perhaps any human being regardless of caste,wealth,knowledge and many more.That time you had really done a great job,and i don't feel that you should be going with a guilt of things that aren't meant intentionally.There are hard times in life,unforgivable,unbelievable and yet so harsh the judgeship.I am sure its a cyclic event that occurs in many of our lives.Its a matter of time that our souls are residing like a guest and shifts from one place to another in a host called body.I am here and somebody isn't,its again just a matter of time.
Time will heal everything.
Following is an essence of true love story depicting the fragrance of short love like dream and portrayal of a man's inner love beyond boundaries in the pains of time.I dedicate this to my friend who had been my Guru,friend and exemplary being.

I then realized there isn't a word far beyond what is truth and suffering.life at instance hard even to hold within your own, a pain of someone's miserable stories of truth.I wondered helplessly and finally discovered that there is more in a cup of coffee shared and converse these truths of life with someone who touches your heart and soul with the aroma and flavor of stories far beyond whats been depicted in the most saddest and sentimental movies.
At the end,you can't help out the story teller ,just listen and deeply weep within,and you feel you have been playing a character and part in it.

A story written for my beloved friend just 30 years in age,and today in the memory of his late loving wife who turned 30 would go like this.Life is truth and more than that,truth is hard often.

In a vietnam restaurant,situated in a hush of trees and wooden bridge where still water would silently sweep gently,people had their most wonderful conversation of life.I had mine too .Its of something where truth and question,a heart breaking tale of losing someone very close to his heart.His dear wife,Leeong had been together for 4 years of life's fruitful perfect marriage .An unexpected fatal call alas left in him a complete emptiness.Sometimes happiness seem to be a short lived phenomenon,as the dew on the blade of grass in the dawn.

I can't help myself but to see the flood of emotional breakdown roll down incessantly.Words struck in his throats and he seem helplessly to soak the tears with another cup of whiskey.

Today we both were drunk,so drunk that the reality is out of portion for a while.
I have come to known him a few years back.I never knew today in these hard busy hour of modern occasion in such a metro city,a romance did ever exist in the life of a professional chap whose routines are nothing but tied up with schedules and project datelines nor did i ever flicked on idea that his story would appear like this on my blog.

To me he is known as Linux Guru and i was an Ubnutu to him as he did recall someday.An ubuntu is an African word, meaning-humanity for others.
He promised me to pay a next visit to my beautiful country which has been a soul healer to the troubled thoughts .

Its a mid summer and have been pouring down heavily in the outskirts of 3 hours drive away from Bangkok city.That night the sound of thunder rolled, vibrating the walls of an apartment where i took shelter.I wish i were at home.

Linux Guru hasn't slept either.The pain and hard era he is through at that moment of time was unbearable.His eyes would be intensely droop to red the next day.

He really needs a break,he wanted to leave this place now.It has been alien to him and there is no comfort at all while the beautiful memories haunt him .

Back in India,since a kid and now a very handsome looking chap that every ladies in his Indian native wish to have his hands for marriage.A tall,fair looking ,black hair from a well off family who had studied in bangkok for some years in Computer Engineering,only to get placed at a reputed firm and where a fate called love made up his mind as firm as stick struck in a clay mud.

The college days, that point, he dared to visit his mulberry at her hostel even in odd hours. so profound in love, he fears not for anything for her.She is a gorgeous,majestic Chinese woman.This love matching of a perfect blend of two Asians made the romance a very unique,rare story with ingredients,anyone could have imagined and dig out to have wish in a script.A sweetest couple in their tender days of college life,you would sure be desperate a want to see how the romance looked alike.

Loving her was so much and can't have a moment go free without his lovebird.Leeong is a beautiful girl who had a boy friend previously who failed to show her the essence of love.She is a blogger like you though writes in chinese.It was in Linux Guru a man of her dream, in whose love she finds an enlightening charm.

Linux Guru would go all the way to China to see her,and not to lose her from touch.She found a real love in him.Haeing once loved,her love is now more than what was paid to her.Leeong than works as a Teacher in some locality.Over the years in China,her health deteriorated in the brink of juncture.She perhaps had a hereditary illness.

After 2 years of graduation Linux Guru decided to bring her back to Bangkok where they have first met.He took all the pain to find her a perfect job .She was blessed to have a man who not prove his words,but could display his true love beyond anything.

This unbelievable romance continued for 4 years of marriage with moments of joy and Utopian bliss . Sooner they had a beautiful daughter named Princess Dia.Linux Guru couldn't imagine the happiness in him of being a father to a cute little daughter,more intelligently and a little girl who could grab and learn things so rapid.

The instant has been so quick and fragile,unfair and injustice to him.The dark days started crawling sideways the life of Linux Guru.In the flash of his merry stories there now seem to a bitter twist,hurting and unforgivable.His happiness had been mercilessly flooded away.She had to undergo the cancer surgery in the strike and ill fate of existence.The story of his love like dream has been made and destined with so cruel ending.He could already feel the jerk of his heart slowly covered up with the weight of pain and injustice so much that life had taken away from him and had finished him.He wished that not happen to any other humans.

One mournful hour,at a midnight,with one last moment left on earth,she held Linux Guru's hand as firmly as she could and whispered her final words,"Honey,I must leave now",Thanks for everything .Leeong closed her eyes and gave away the breath finally.
In a fraction of being,the most beautful man on earth was deserted.He could not do anything to save her from her ill fate.He jerked back and felt helpless who could not help rescue his lover but watch her as she drown deeper and deeper in the sea of karmic game

There wasn't a sleep on the brows of my beloved friend whose love had been for a short while in the magic escape of event.He gave up everything for the Hubby.Life paid him a huge loss.
He keeps thinking the beautiful memories and days of her presence on earth,the circumstances they shared and cherished together.His love had been so intense now,that losing her was a losing away of the world in him.
This thinking made him even more confusing that he still believes she is still alive and that had been just a night mare.

He keeps waiting her with the daughter slept to the right only to find the emptiness in him lingering recurrently

.Alas he sleeps a while.Like the usual incident,in the heavy down pour she would come from office and Linux Guru would go with the umbrella to get her back home.

She rushed along the street corridors.They met and Leeong gave him a kiss."Darling thanks for everything,I knew you would come".

Linux Guru ardently woke up from his dream to only find his hope in his loving daughter to one side sleeping like her late mom.At her age,she is very young to have missed her mother.He looked back and the clock ticked 3:00am.