Wednesday, September 23

Angay BOU- A Tale of Suja and Wisdom

Dear Bou,
It's been 7 years.How have you been?. I always confide myself that ,by now you must have reborn as a good human being somewhere,someplace.Well except for your baba  (She believes tobacco consumers would be punished in hell) and your little wild anger,I have no doubt your meritorious deeds would out law your little mischief.Your white stars must have given you wings to discover your own good path.It was one dull summer evening. I just got down in Thimphu after the completion of my degree from India.The Mahindra bolero  taxi had left a lasting smell of diesel on my carry bag.So much powerful that I had a complete fuzzy dizzy feeling throughout the journey.

The mid summer rain beat down the tender branches of trees along the road side and my heart ached.The journey had been  a rough ride ,unexpected surprises and I knew something was wrong.

Tears roll down my youthful cheek and I silently cried with a heavy blow.I arrived there just one week after her final rituals.
In this picture,my niece Shelkar spending a quality moment with Bou
Time flew by. We shared,we cherished and lived the moments. Your immortal words remained inscribed in me and I found in myself, a beautiful me.Her goiter is her signature and I lovingly call her angay Bou.

Bou is energetic,Bou is a confident woman.Bestowed me with her thoughts of old time stories,struggles of life ,poetry,folk songs and jokes apart.I always see in her,high level of tolerance and has not always been a perfect ride.I am often a keen listener opening my mind's eye to those intuitive wisdom, bountiful insights and life's thrilling challenges and experience.

Bou proudly lived up to 86,devoting herself into evening and morning prayers.She  prostrates in the altar every evening, thanking god for letting her feel the presence and overflowing blessings.The Triple Gem in giving her strength in facing trials .She prays for the welfare of all the sentient beings.Her meal time had prayers with humble bow to the food she eats, as she lifts her daem (wooden bowl/plate) on forehead.I don't really question whether somebody above us do really watch our actions.But ultimately her good thoughts and humble submission derives her positive energy keeping her healthy and happy.Suja had been her favorite tea.As long as hot steaming butter tea fills her cup,she will not let even barley flour spill out of the cup's edge.The genuine smile on her wrinkled face resembles just like the bright glows of the moon at dark.

My journey into life has always been inspired through others' story of courage ,values and daring attitude.On my vacation and back to college ,she has the habit to wrap up a scarf for me. With ngultrum hundred in her hand and tears in her time-faded eyes,

 "Tashi,my only note for you is, avoid riding on bike in India".Be good and do good.Simple ,profound and precise wisdom indeed.The colorless hair and her body ache reminds me of her crippling age and withering strength.

It was until in my final year.That one day I had a phone call from home.It was my mother."Tashi,angay wants to speak to you",she said.

Angay bou's voice was at the brink of her death and she struggled in her last moments.She just uttered ,"My dear,you don't need not worry bout me mey",she said."I am confident that you will walk with good foot steps in life and please don't ride on bakbaa (bike/scooter)".Those were her last words.

There was never a sleep in my eyes and rest to my eyeballs .All the exams were finally done.It was time to go home.The bolero's diesel reminded me of that journey back home.

On auspicious occasions,I recall her smile by lighting butter lamps in the name of all sentient beings.

The living moments are always recaptured and recalled even today after 7 long years.

It is always good to remember:-

“A river never passes the same place twice,” says a philosopher. Our life's beautiful moment are indeed like a river.


Tsering said...

this article is very TOUCHY....:)

Sangey Trashey(Bhutan) said...

thnx tserin!

Dema Yangzom said...

this post is rele a heart touching one... keep on writing la

Anonymous said...

Yeah bro, she was such a good granny and energetic ...

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