Wednesday, April 14

The Blooming Spring who stole my Heart...

The drizzle of spring rain dances on our little kitchen garden,which my sister cherished and cared ever since last winter's frost.

The garden has a robust iron fence with complicated pattern, which would not even spare  mice escape.

The dwarf baby sag,bean,chilly,green spinach and tuber shoots started peeping from this very fertile soil.

The soil had a compost all the way from Sangaygang.
This rain incessantly beats on a soft loosen earth,ultimately giving a kick away drink to all these cute little buddings.

I watched through my balcony.
The music of rain took me away.
The ushering cool air rushed through my fruity cruset jelled hair,
 like the afternoon spring wind ,
dancing from valleys to the green woods.

Dipped robes of fluttering prayer flags stood midst the profound sky,
When the claps finally stopped and mighty sun paved his way through the dark clouds.
I walked through the fields of this majestic spring,
A path from the hill that took me in the middle of blooming peach woods.

The road that filled with scent and flowers of young orchids,
All I could notice is the blushing cheeks of the blossoms.

The willow trees laughed,
The oak hugged,
The blue pines whistled,

To the top of my voice I roared,
Welcome back spring,
Only trees and flowers did respond,
I knew this song is the call of re-birth,
The return of hope,
The glory of happiness,

So calm,yet so fulfilling,
The soothing balm left me with years of thoughts,
Wonders and doses of beauty,
I felt like the Heaven on earth,
My heart has been stolen,
This is the kiss of spring..!!

Sangay Tashi,
written on random thoughts

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