Monday, October 19

The Other Side of Glamour

If Happiness is water,i wish i could get a soak of it.But it isn't.Long ago,when i was a little kid in school days,I use to be infact the first culprit to object people saying,"Money is the root cause of all the evils".No I cried,its a disgusting starkly annoying phrase.Tell me how many people can survive without money.If you don't have it,you even have not enough confidence to face a crowd.I use to say Tagore's famous prose,"where the mind is without fear,head is held high"and where the world is without money,head is always towards earth.I grew up,always looking to be someone surrounded by island of wealth.Money to me can be everything,it talks,it makes you bold,it gives you power,fame ,name ,popularity,relationship,what else nameless things.
But today,my perspective towards wealth has totally changed.Even if the world becomes a little place and a competitive one,I would be brave enough to not crave or go after wealth.Just a place to walk and little money to survive would be my contented assets.But let me justify so that you would not mistaken me and say,"then please deposit all your money into my account"or would be saying,you must be Janchubsempa.I m not.
In a crowded city like Thimphu,dominated by lust and desire for wealth,inner Happiness is just a sack of air.People have all the sorts of facilities,infrastructure and modern architectures.Its in early morning in a small,yet reknowned temple like changangkha,located amidst a hill,which i call a little mountain,you wake up and a glimpse of scented pine in the early dawn,along with people of much contented minds and of older age,you feel life is much peaceful up there.Its a rare occassion.Health has become one of the serious issue in our populated city.Its atleast good that when you come for a physical exercise,you automatically gets connected with mother nature,and then you realize how beautiful and peaceful when our travelling mind gets controlled by a little spiritual and breath taking sceneries.Its otherwise call a happines,though for a short term.
What i have observed through hearings and of my own study is that,when you have enough wealth,sometimes its natural that we forget one of the most important priority of life,our inner happiness.I firmly believe,of course people need certain percentage of money to survive.Especially with friend,relatives,life in Thimphu is bit challenging for individuals who live independently.Today you visit friend's new born baby,tomorrow its someone's relative cremation rites,day after tomorrow,somewhere someone gets promoted to higher post.Then comes your electric power consumption,water charges,telephone bills,Tv rent,house owner running after you,your relatives need some amount from you to purchase a land somewhere in babesa.
On the other side,when you have handsome possession,you feel like having more.Its not a criticism but a concern that I have observed very few wealthy people tend to spend life in a very peaceful manner.Sharing is loving,when they tend to gain more they also become conscious that they have to surrender everything once the icy hands of death holds and grab them,they must leave behind everything ,including people to whom they are so attached.Most of us tend to lose the true sense of happiness.We always want to make our sons and daughter face up the world with much wealth,thereby we lose health to gain more and more.I m sure,if an individual karma or what sometimes called 'Lungten hasn't been inscribed on one's forehead',the possessions gathered by parents on uncle or aunts will not lead us to successful trail.Even in business,some people flourish like anything,while some even though clever and knowledgeable fail at the most.I m sure its always a matter of past's path that lead us to our destined dreams.Some successful in businness making,some in politics,some in relation making,some in problem solvings,negotiation,its after all individual's uniqueness and karmic actions that define us in distint ways.
In this fast moving world,a balance between materialism and spiritual connection is utmost an important philosophy inorder to channel a happiness in one's mind.An excessive wealth possession creates chaos and family troubles,even at worst leading to court cases and enemity even among the family members from great grand parents to their future generations.An individual is born with thier own kind of spoon written according to karmic justice and good deeds of the past.Our sons and daughters fate cant be predicted with our own belongings.Someone can be rich overnight,but he cant stand there longer if he isn't destined to become.Happiness is just a simple concept,when you feel within that you are satisfied with the world,and you know that you are very fortunate of existence,when you cant stop making someone's day,a good turn,inspite of your whatever conditions you are in and a smile on someone's face,you will earn the credit,thats the contentment not even medicine can give you for long term.
An educated higly learned husband,sends his wife for a degree course in abroad at his own expense.She comes up with good knowledge ,a degree and work experience,earns much better than her husband.Now she pays the credit by putting a divorce case.What happened to her,she meets someone much wealthier than her ex husband.Modern society had changed a lot.You can even desigh your own life's lab.But how long it would take a seed of happiness
to germinate and fully grow into long branches.
Some are forced by circumstances,some by intense desires,while most of us fail to architect happiness for our own good.In Thimphu,we build strong and good walls for our own security from neighbour.We don't want to interact with people nearby.We travel in luxurious cars.We dont want to walk.We pollute air,the environment with our junk deposits.We get introduced to different varieties of modern diseases such as cancer,gastritis,mental stresses,ulcers,piles,asthmas,tb,obesity,HIV aids.We want to have more late night partys,where we can breath fresh carbondioxide and carbonmonoxide.We dont want to unnecessarily spent time on true love,we lust for sex.We want to have more gamblings,dont want to spend time with our own children.We marry one wife,and finds a mistress somewhere.We become corrupt and dont mind for sending to jail.We return to our cold graves with dissatisfaction and regrets that would even haunt our spirits.
Even rural places have been affected with air of glamour.Most of agricultural land are now being sold like hot cakes,for exchange with Santafes,Prados,or Tucson,for the sake of construction of resorts,5stars,and private buildings.What will we eat if all our food sources are being cut from India one day.The root of happiness dies owing to lack of extreme side effects. I wish i had a son who can become a good monk,meditating and practising the dharma,while helping his old parents enlighting the light of happiness through mind controlling.But thats just a dream,i wont cry for it,because it would also be destined to deserving only.
In the end life is beautiful and i m satisfied,what i had felt i could atleast express in my little way.May your life be showered with happiness through your own reflections and shadows.If there isnt a shadow then i guess its high time to research the path we travel by.

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