Tuesday, October 13

from plucking stars to shedding tears...love's misery is yet life's valuable poetry

"If the only place where i could see you is in my dream,then i would sleep forever,"well more than that,what else, i would pluck a star for you,and plant a beautiful rose in sahara,script your name on the colors of rainbow....
hehe love has gone so much advanced for now.Just like our small country getting rapid urbanisation,from oral proposals to blue ink and white paper touching love letters,from electronic mail to sms,love cards,valentine greetings,cute gifts,roses,dinners,breath taking songs,partying,taking ride along sangaygang and lover's point,late long hour night calls,a chat on person.com and match meetings,what more all our films now are depicting the definition of love.
love is in the air everywhere.Heart is one of the magical organ,beautifully embedded inside the body.If handled with care just like money,it would be worth while,but on contrary,if mishandled,it would create a disaster.There are unique individuals who beautifully potrays all those happenings of love,the betrayals,trust,in a much spicy and thought provoking tales.
Yet Someone searches in bhutan times,"deki where are you,m sorry for my mistake",please call back to me and pick up the phone.Lonely hearts,"beautiful girl wants to date a tall handsome guy",please contact this number.I don't know,but its always true,love can happen anywhere.But i wonder how many people really value true love.
Now i must be true also there are also lots of impacts,when right meets a wrong.I see people not being true to words.Fake promises,thats why,modern love is bitterly sweet,much faster than bullet trains.I wonder how many people really keep true promises.for me,"i miss you sounds much better than,"i love you".i don't know how far you believe.But its however an individual's perspective.
Now lets come to concrete idea.From plucking stars to shedding tears,unheard cries,yet within someone's thought,its a valuable poetry.Life isn't perfect is old acronym,but it also makes a part of life's history unerased in individual's mind. Life goes on with much lessons and bold personality.From fragile mind and heart to experienced professional" betrayed one",yet you never lose who you are,and you would never fall down without your own consentment.From sugar heart to spicy individuals,you have learnt greater chapter of love and now inside your mind you have enough default vision of detecting a decent and defined love bird.That's you,The power of one.This will be another chapter and topic that every one carries ahead.
love is a beautiful art,and it always needs a right artist.Every artist has their own way of expressing their art.love is kid's fun game for children,an accompany and a refuge shelter,Love is a burden and hurdle to school going students,distraction to an academic performance,a matter of chance in finding freedom from studies for college mates,a second chance test for bachelor's personality before marriage,if a married couple seeks another Mr or mistress,its another story infact part II of life,Its about complicated heart.Its an indication of your heart controlling your mind.So better be watchful,ofcourse its also applicable but its more disheartening.
Animals in the nature too have a strong sense of love relationship.At the end what i have found is ,"its not by falling in love with someone,that ruins your life,but when you keep going with things in right track,its a balanced life,that one need not turn back to life with regrets,but with sense of contentment that you have made someone's day with good smiles on their face.So my moral is love the people who treat you right,forget the ones who do not.
Have a dedicated love,truth and trust.Thats it..cheer up!!

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