Thursday, October 1

A Garden within my Mind

Early in the morning cool hush,At around 5:00am ,its been my regular routine for around months now,i rush up from the warmth of my blanket,taking a quick glimpse through window panes,my first sight is towards skipping clouds through the heavenly abode of Phajoding,its been my healer,i feel relieved of day's hard work,the busy traffic,noisy tooting of increasing vehicle population,before i face off dirts and haunting dreams from my innocent face,i peep up once,then take a deep sigh and a fresly filled oxygen into my lungs.Its my perfect moments and best part of my day.
I see no fields,only incresing number of construction building colonies along the roads,cross roads every where creating human path confusion.I get every kind of fast and junk foods,i get access to 24 hours internet,i get avail to all modern facilities, a good caring girl friend.I still find one thing missing,my sweet home.Its saturday,then i woke up,took breakfast,rushed to my village back in Paro.Yes Thats my medicine,my healer and the only cure to my troubled mind.
Along the waves of golden autumn paddy,i m lost never to be found.Its my fragile mind travelling through all the greenery and golden scenes.I feel the smell of my home.i m brought up here,I want to die here.
I searched through all the mountains,looking for birds to sing with,sparkling brooks feeling lost and shy with my girlish smile.Turquiose pachu river dancing amidst the green vales.Willows slowly turning to yellow.When you feel the hush air and smell rosy scented breathe,a sound of cicada,its my favourite moments and i get drunk in extreme happiness.It has reason of perfect mixture and blend of history eversince my childhood.
I cry late at night ,in the middle of dreams longing for my beloved has been my perfect companion,and you may not not the reason,its complicated at times to explain things that create impact and maggical ripple inside your travelling mind.only you feel it,and let it be a secret.i get hold of this beautiful landscapes,Its a garden within my mind.i ll take a snap of it and show to you all.
still today on weekends,i go and search for homely air,at the end i wish my home to be forever a heavenly abode like today,untouched by human,no cars,no junk deposits,no interferences,perfect solitude and ideal place for dreamers of meditation.Its what i call my soul healer,a secret within myself and you.Its a small wooden comfy home locked inside woods.

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