Monday, October 5

Autumn Kiss on my Cheek

One thing,God's beautiful art,a paranomic creation is a change in seasons.Its a time that heals everything after all,good or bad.With rising and setting sun,every moment,i feel Autumn and winter are nearing.No matter,this winter atleast let it be a humble wish, a snowfall to wipe away all the misforutnes of next fiscal year.I wish to see our snow capped mountains kissed by glossy lips of golden sun rays.
Guess m not going so fast into future.Its Autumn now,getting colder day by day.Atleast no heavy rain.No more landslides along Phuntsholing-Thimphu High way.Much Better,we hear no H1N1 or otherwise swine flu.In Paro,apple buds stormed by hailstones last spring,but atleast it turned out to be good harvest at the end.We wish democracy gets in smooth ride.Though villages in far east torn from disasters and still our mates in haunted dreams,i know time after all would heal slowly.

Life is quite unpredictable at times,but all we got to do is prepare for everything in hand.Life can be sometimes miserable anywhere at anytime.Its a time,that one cannot put an astrologer behind.Its also a time that itself heals gently atlast.
With onset of autumn,paddy harvest is almost knocking the door.Lets wish there be a peaceful and succesful harvest for all our hardworking farmers around the country.Its a nation's background and pride and a dream of food self sufficiency that must prevail througout while eradicating poverty.
A beautiful season of fall,you would see all the earth carpeted with golden floor.On the evening twilight,watch the sunset below the horizon.As you walk take a deep gentle breath,a cool air would blow through our troubled face.Its an indication of princess autumn healing all your tiring journey's wound.I call it a KISS on my cheek.

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