Sunday, November 22

Of Steaming Bathu and Wintry Nights...

While most of our bhutanese dishes and cuisines are reknowned among ourselves for their extreme heat,spicy,thick,aromatic and mouth watering substance,still i feel its the rice and curry that dominates every meal schedule.
some people have changes such as snacks for light breakfast,rice for lunch and parata or sukha roti for dinner,its not surprising to see most of our bhutanese prefer rice for all the 3 meals.

In a Himalayan country like ours,winter is cold.A hot steaming aromatic vapour of dried pieces of yak bones containing crispy well scorched meat well cooked in a pressure cooker ,after all in another pot of boiling water mixed with corriander leaves,a chopped scraps of garlic,slices of raddish in combination with green leaves of either spinach or local sag added finally. ,Its a soup that is first being prepared before flour being pounded and made into fine pebble balls of well pounded maida and luke water.I often add 3-4 eggs so that the balls of pounded maida that is made into a fine furnished balls.It depends ,the way of cooking bathu on individuals.
Just like noodles,puta,bathu although hasn't been orginated from our country,most of us are known to this unique food item in order to beat the harsh cold winter.Its a perfect match especially during the snowfall or either as winter night meal.In Thimphu,you will get in most of the restaurants at cost ranging from 35-45.A popular meet place is Zangtopelri complex where you will get in a bowl.Flavour Variety ranges from veg,mixed vagetables,chicken,beef,pork.i dont go often,but when i visit i prefer mixed all the time.

Now let me continue with my home preparation where i left,because one good thing whenever i prepare my bathu,i make sure its i dont like adding artificial flavours like taste maker.The turnip or raddish slices are normally added after the balls of pounded maida being cooked well for 20-25 minutes.Sag/spinach is added at last,s o that the green leaves would add good color combination to the overall mixture.
Finally add salt pepper and of course local red chilli powder
Your home made bathu is now complete,its time for family to bring bowls and spoons.Its now about a wintry battle.Some people often dont go for maida items for a reason of gastritis or stomach ache,but m sure its how well you cook meals after all.

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